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Wedding Musician in Sydney

Vocal Duo for wedding

With our groups of wedding musicians in Sydney, we offer the life of the party. Our string musicians playing the Classical style music consist of a violinist or violinist and a mix of cellists. It is at the clients' preference, or if they are undecided, we can make recommendations from our experiences. We have two, three, or four musicians playing modern and classical pieces everyone will enjoy in the background. Our musicians accept requests at any of the functions they play and are always eager to perform. The string performers bring their talent to the forefront as they show off their skills. It brings about almost a mini symphony feel to the room when they play. There are no loud blaring instruments in these bands. A wedding musician in Sydney would play slow, mellow tunes where the crowd can talk and hear each other. These are more for social gatherings.


We also have a vocal duo for weddings that consists of a vocalist singing and a guitarist playing on stage. Our agency works to find the perfect pair to perform, and it is considered a specialty we provide. There is not only one type of music our vocal duo performs. The variety is far and wide among different genres. They work together on stage as a team, and they are always looking to add more songs to their set. Our clients determine the style the duo will perform, and like the strings, our clients' requests are put first on the list. The duo we choose would play the guests' favorites and work the crowd into a frenzy with the hits. The group sings along with the performers on stage as everyone comes away with a spectacular time. A lot of memories take place where there is live music and people.

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