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Wedding Band In Sydney

The Crowds Get Wild with a Wedding Band in Sydney

If there is one thing that spells a good time is a live wedding band in Sydney. Our agency, Vicello Strings, has a three to a four-piece group of musicians who are ready to play for any reception. The band consists of a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, bass player, or drummer. The band we have available can cover all the hit songs to keep the crowd happy and dancing. When a live band performs, there is something magical that happens in the atmosphere. People come alive, and they want to enjoy a party with more cut loose action. There is an energy in the room where the music is more for partygoers than a regular mellow audience. With everything the band can play, they will perform what is in the crowd's best interest to keep the party going. They know how to work an audience professionally with all the favorites.


With every wedding ceremony, it is at the bride and groom's discretion as to what type of music they wish in the background. For those who like the mellow style of Classical music, we have strings for wedding ceremonies. It allows a more formal appeal to the environment as people mingle in formal conversation. Most find the soft music elegant to the occasion, and they can dance to the music or sit and talk with their families and friends. The mellow music of the strings takes a person back in time when they listen to it, and it can play while the ceremony is ongoing with a low pitch, so everything said can be heard. A lasting memory stays with the couple as they will remember their wedding song. They will dance to the slow, mellow strings playing, and it will feel like a fairy tale wedding. Strings for wedding receptions make memories.

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